Monday, November 14, 2011


Today is officially the end of the transfer! It's hard to believe it's already been 6 weeks since I came out. Let alone another 3 weeks before that. Time is flying. Well I'm here another transfer with Elder Merrell! Which means we'll be here trough Christmas until the 28th. We pretty much already knew that though. The church recently started a 12 week training program for missionaries and so (most of the time) they keep us with trainers for the whole time. Elder Merrell will have been here 6 months at the end of the transfer though, so he'll most likely leave then. I could be here forever! Or until my birthday at least. Crazy. Walking around is fun and all, but it's starting to get cold haha....the other day it was -12 and the wind was blowing and I honestly was dying haha. I can't wait until -30 on a regular basis in January and February! It snowed this week! We woke up to a winter wonderland of 3cm of snow on Saturday! It's pretty much all melted though, so that was fun I guess. It was an exciting week though! Like I said last week we had two exchanges this week, and they went pretty well. They were the two coldest days though, so it was tough to stay motivated to stay outside. The coat I have is really good though. I actually had to wear a scarf! Which up until this week was TOTALLY a feminine thing to do. But I've completely changed my view on them. It's feminine not wear them. They saved me haha. Elder Merrell is a true Canadian though! He's still using his light jacket, which is crazy. So here he is walking down the street in shorts and flip flops and I'm next to him completely decked out in full eskimo gear. It's ridiculous! So one Monday when I was on exchanges one of the Elders I was with decided to be nice and load the dishwasher. We never use the dishwasher at the apartment because washing by hand is a million times faster. So I decided to accept his kind offering and run the dishwasher. So I took the dishsoap and poured it into the dispepenser haha.....I don't know what I was thinking, but I didn't think it would be that bad! Wrong. About 5 minutes in I went in to the kitchen and saw the winter wonderland starting to come out of the dishwasher! So I turned it off, called Elder Merrell, and he and Elder Albright came over with a mop and bucket! It was hilarious. We cleaned up the floor, but there was still soap and everything in the dishwasher, so Elder Merrell and I decided we'd take care of it the next day. So we spent companion study on Wednesday letting the dishwasher run it's course, and we cleaned up all of the soap as it came out. There was so much! Who knew that MAYBE 4 tablespoons of dishsoap could cause that much bubbles! We were waking it out in buckets and dumping it in the tub hahaha it was one of the funniest times so far. Then afterwards I went in and made a beard! So Elder Merrell and I made beards together. Then I found a toque (canadian hat) and we took pictures with those too! It was mighty hilarious. So now I know! Also this week, we were eating a phillipino (filipino?) member's house and we got to eat Balut! (buh-loot). It looks like a chicken egg, but instead it's a partially developed duck egg! They hard boil it though. So you crack open the top, pour some salt in, drink the juices inside, and then peel away the rest of the shell, and eat the duck! I ate 2, but the first one I peeled apart the yoke and everything and found the duck inside! So I took a picture :) It was actually pretty good. It tasted like a salted boiled egg. But man was it worth it! This week was a super fun week. I'm excited to be here another transfer. This area is awesome and our ward is the best! Sorry to hear about the stove :( but at least it still works! Thanksgiving here isn't celebrated, but we've had two members call us so far and say they want to celebrate it and so we're having 2 dinners that night! I'm gonna be huge haha. I hope everyone's doing well! I miss you guys! Send me things :) Alright my camera is dead apparently so I'll send some pictures next week!

I love you guys!
Elder Read

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