Sunday, June 2, 2013

Happy Memorial Day!

Hello family of mine!

This week was pretty sweet. For starters, my Athletes Foot is no more! I've been religiously putting stuff on it and she's lookin' pretty good now. Thought you might like to know.

We found new investigators! We taught a family named the Peacocks that the branch has been working with for the past few months, and we set up weekly dinner appointments with them so that's sweet! We're trying to teach their grandchildren that live with them as well.

We also taught an older gentleman named Menno Friesen! We tracted into him a few weeks back and just got to meet with him on Saturday. He's legit, I was surprised that he believes a lot of the same stuff that we do. He said he would read the Book of Mormon and that we could come back so we're excited.

We also found a bunch of potential investigators that we'll hopefully contact this week, things picked up a lot last week. We found weekly service at the library doing random jobs, and also at the local seniors lodge doing yard work and playing games with the seniors! Man we're psyched.

Tuesday the Peace River elders came down and blitzed our area until Wednesday afternoon. It was good to see other missionaries again haha.

I'm being eaten alive by mosquitoes. I'm pretty sure I wrote about this last Summer, but this place is the worst I've seen in my life. It's like we live on a lake. We spend 90% of our time outside so they just feast upon us! I feel like that one guy from Lilo & Stitch that gets so excited about mosquitoes landing on him. "A mosquito has chosen me as his host! And another, and another!" Haha seriously so annoying.

Other than that we're working hard! I'm jealous of your Memorial Day adventure! Have a good time and enjoy the ice cream that stuff is the bomb! Sorry for the short email this week, hopefully next week will be more exciting! Have a good week :)

Love you guys!

Elder Read

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