Monday, June 3, 2013

June Finally!

Hey friends!

This week was pretty sweet! I'll start from the beginning.

On Tuesday we had exchanges with the Peace River elders. I was with Elder Western, Who I went on exchanges with when I was in Millcreek. He is hilarious haha we had a lot of fun. His mom is the one that read that blog that you put my letters onto right before Christmas, so during calls she said "Do you know an Elder Read?" Small world! The elders there brought us a couch to put into our apartment, so now we have a little love seat AND a couch! It's becoming more like a functioning apartment every day.

Wednesday we drove to Peace River to exchange back and when you drive into the city you can look down into the valley and the city is right along the river. It's a beautiful view, but it was completely brown! There are these little things called Tent Caterpillars that are all over! There are so many of them. We drove down one of the streets and they were all over the gutter. I'll send a picture. Anyways they're in High Prairie too!! I've never seen these little guys before but we've been having fun stepping on them while we walk around :)

On Thursday I woke up with a sore throat and a cough, the sore throat is gone but the cough has lingered and I sound like a chain smoker when I laugh or cough. It was a strange feeling considering I never get legitimately sick. Only the High School fever :)

Friday we had a local Street Festival here, and it was put on by the many local religious groups around town, so we had a big part in it. Our branch put on a Family History booth and we were there to talk to people it was pretty sweet. The older people in the branch (so pretty much the whole branch) ran the booth and we just provided moral support haha. It's interesting to be in a small town where we meet the same people over and over again. It's sweet though I kind of like that dynamic.

On Saturday we were out tracting and this guy comes outside and yells for us to to come over. It's Matt! He's a guy that we street contacted a week or so ago, and we set up an appointment but we had to cancel it and never got to reschedule. But he randomly got off the couch and saw us walking so he ran out and yelled us over. So we went in and taught him about the Plan of Salvation and he liked it lot! He's really interested in Eternal Families so we centered it on the that. We also invited him to be baptized on July 7th and he accepted! He's got a little while to go yet though. He's on house arrest and has some smoking and drinking problems, but he's super sincere so we're excited!

That was our week! This week we have District Meeting in High Prairie, and Peace River is bringing us some desks that they got at the Salvation Army place that they do service at so we're stoked! I've been studying on an old rickety card table that shakes every time I touch it ha. We also have Interviews with President and Sister Campbell on Thursday so we'll drive in right before, stay the night with the Zone Leaders, and then have Zone Conference on Friday. It's the Campbell's last one so we're looking forward to it. It'll be sad to see them go though.

Haha the missionaries are living in my old room....that's sweet. We only live with super old people in my mission so either you're super young or the mission there is different :)

Well that's my stream of consciousness this week! You guys have a good week and I'll talk to you next week!

Love you guys,

Elder Read

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