Monday, June 10, 2013

Rain Rain Go Away...

Good Afternoon!

This week it rained, and rained, and rained some more. I've never seen Alberta like this, but maybe I just wasn't paying attention last year. Anyways we've been walking around in it and I'm ready for some sun! I never minded it in Oregon, but I never felt guilty if I wasn't out working in it either haha.

We've been busy with meetings and stuff! It was almost like being in Millcreek again. We had Interviews with President on Thursday so we drove up that day. It was pretty sad to have my last interview with President Campbell, he did a mini exit interview since he's basically been my mission president my whole mission. I'm excited for my actual exit interview with President Manion. I imagine it'll go something like, "Well Elder, let's see.......have we met? Now where is it you've been serving again? High Prairie? Where's that again?" Haha just kidding, they actually told us that he'll get here on June 28th, and that week he'll come up and do a "meet the president" thing, then the next week he'll go around the mission again and do interviews. So that'll be exciting!

Anywho, that night we stayed with the zone leaders along with two other areas, so we had to split off into trios it was pretty sweet! Elder Coe stayed with us too it was so good to see him again! Then Friday we had Zone Conference and we said goodbye to President and Sister Campbell and then drove home! Our week has been pretty ordinary outside of that.

Did you guys know that Kyle comes home this week?? That's a pretty crazy thought if you ask me! You'll have to let me know if he's a weirdo :)

Another interesting fact! Did you know that High Prairie is the most expensive town in Alberta? True story! There's one grocery store and it's proud to be the only one! They charge sooo much. Anyways, our Branch President told us that this week so I thought I'd share that with you :)

Skylar got married on Friday yeah? Man is that ever crazy! My friends are actually getting married! Both he and Whitney sent me wedding announcements so I put them up on my wall! Haha

Hey speaking of, we got mail on Friday, Gramma you are the best thanks! :) I got both of your letters and all of the articles in them of course. I love those things :)

This week we have Zone Training Meeting in Grande Prairie again so we'll be driving out there tomorrow morning, exchanging with Peace River, and then Elder Hunsaker and I will drive back to High Prairie. It'll be sweet, he was in my last zone so we've been on exchanges before.

It sounds like you guys had a sweet week! I'm still amazed that missionaries are living in my old room. I've been telling everyone! Haha living with members has always been my dream. Make sure to be those cool members that missionaries love :) Then you'll become famous in the mission and everyone will want to come to our ward!

We met with Matt, who's technically still on date to be baptized on July 6th, but he sat and texted during the entire lesson on Saturday, so we eventually just told him we'd come back another time haha it was pretty weird. He hasn't texted back in the past couple of days, so we'll see what happens! We also got a referral from Slave Lake, and one of their members had talked to a lady from High Prairie that came into their store. She had a lot of questions so they referred her to us. We stopped by this week and she's sweet! She doesn't want to meet in her house though, so we're waiting for the rain to stop so we can teach her outside haha.

Mom sorry to hear you're still not 100% yet, hope you feel better soon! I still cough like a smoker but that's still all I have so I'm not complaining. Hope you guys have a good week!

Love you guys,

Elder Read

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